Teorija i kultura mode Paić

Theory and Culture of fashion

Disciplines, approaches, interpretations
This handbook is primarily intended for students, equally those who take theoretical and art-design groups of subjects, as well as all students of cultural, performance and visual studies, and humanities in general. The purpose of the book is to familiarize with the latest theoretical achievements in the field of fashion studies. Since it is a highly interdisciplinary field, which in many segments relies on existing established scientific paradigms, this handbook also largely refers to the insights of art history, art science, visual studies, philosophy, sociology, semiotics, theater studies and others. discipline. Unlike the so-called readers, who mainly devote themselves to the reinterpretation of authors and their works in the historical origin of fashion theories, here is an approach that starts from the way in which the study of Fashion Theory and Culture itself is organized: epistemologically and methodologically. The book includes the following topics: introduction to fashion theory • semiotics of fashion • sociology and anthropology of fashion • economics and marketing in fashion • history of fashion and clothing • theories of new media and performativity • science of image and fashion • musealization of fashion • ethnological approach to fashion • spectacle culture and society • fashion in the context of film theory • visual communication of fashion and the body • costume design • fashion design • contemporary art and fashion
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