Treća zemlja Paić

The Third Land

Technosphere and Art
The idea of this book is primarily to open the space of thinking about aesthetics and literature as fragile experiences of freedom and emergence. Nothing is predetermined. There is no final goal and meaning of writing neither in the transcendent (divine) nor in the immanent (desire-body). In the middle is the experience of planetary nomadism and exile, the defense of the dignity of words as the last refuge of freedom before the penetration of the technoscientific logic of progress and before the morbid return of aesthetics and ideologies of pseudo-engagement for one purpose or another, which reduce literature to spectacle, politics and propaganda, to the marketing of total nihilism. The book »Third Land« is devoted not only to the philosophical question about the character of art in the age of the technosphere following in the footsteps of Heidegger, Deleuze and Lyotard, mainly, but it focuses on the analysis of »great literature« considering what remains of it today as a trace of freedom and as an experience of existential resistance and subversion to a time of total emptiness and oblivion of history.
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