Tehnosfera V. Paić

Tehnosfera V.

Dizajn kao mišljenje: Autonomni objekti i njihove preobrazbe
Žarko Paić has so far published a number of books, thematically ranging from history and theory of art to political philosophy, and the "Technosphere" project is a kind of synthesis of his previous thinking and an attempt at a systematic theory of contemporary society. The fifth, last volume of "Technosphere" develops an authentic theory of design, which is not only a theory of the activity of shaping and beautifying the environment, but a way of thinking that is a combination of philosophy, cultural theory, technoscience and aesthetics. Also a critique of contemporary design theory. Here, Paić tries to think beyond the dispute about the role of aesthetic autonomy in the functionality of the product, representing the point of view that it is necessary to invent a new terminology that would make it possible to think of the usefulness of things together with the object's purpose in itself. In order to achieve this, Paić relies on the conceptual apparatus developed in the previous volumes to show that if the world is understood as a technosphere, i.e. an autopoietic set of relationships, it is necessary to abandon the dualisms of matter-form and spirit-body, and thus the distinction between function and use. aesthetic subject. The last volume of "Technosphere", although thematically narrowest, is at the same time proof of the possibility of Paić's ideas to help in understanding the phenomena of contemporary society.
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