Moć nepokornosti Paić

The Power of Disobedience

Intellectual and biopolitics
The study Power of disobedience: biopolitics intellectuals tries to answer the question of who and what else intellectuals serve in this "dark age" of the global order of knowledge, ideology and culture. The question of their meaning from the very beginning of the emergence of this indefinable term caused irony, contempt and accusations of the intellectuals themselves about the false elitism of the spirit and the sacrifice of universal truth in favor of the nation's tribal totems. From Ortega y Gasset and Benda to contemporary culturally pessimistic theories about the end of intellectuals, there is a constant self-criticism and re-examination of their role. My intention is to show that the contemporary critical analysis of culture as a new ideology in the age of the neo-imperial order of globalization requires simultaneously abandoning the emphatic tone of cultural pessimism and the "objective" scientific approach to the phenomenon as a social and cultural figure of the possessor of knowledge/power in the modern world. The basic tenets of this book are mostly radicalized views that I presented in the study Politics of Identity: Culture as a New Ideology, published in Izdanja Antibarbarus in 2005. In contrast to the confidence in the possibility of restoring the original sense of culture after its political deconstruction as a new ideology, The Power of Disobedience finally abandons the previous point of view. A return to the original sense of culture is no longer possible. Biopolitics destroyed the foundations of the return of history, culture and identity. Now the fundamental question is how to preserve the power of the insubordination of freedom from the "dictatorship of life". Instead of the political period of the great universal critics of modernity and the figure of the intellectual as a dissident, we are faced with the biopolitical production of knowledge/power which, at the beginning of the XXI century, raises only two fundamental problems: biogenetics and terror. Both derive from the essence of the neoliberal policy of globalization. The dissidents have been replaced by a new "multitude", economic migration and the struggle for bare life in the environment of the liberal-democratic "empire of freedom".
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