Politika Identiteta Paić

Identity Politics

Culture as a New Ideology
The study Identity Politics: Culture as a New Ideology seeks to critically investigate the reach of contemporary sociological, philosophical and anthropological theories of globalization with regard to the main question of our "post-historical" time about the meaning of identity. How social identities are articulated in the global era is not only a key task of explaining social sciences, but the answer to that question is at the same time a test of the credibility of political projects with the intention of establishing liberal-democratic orders in a world without monolithic ideological boundaries. The concepts of culture and ideology are at the center of consideration. Methodologically, it is a study that analytically and descriptively tries to pave the way to understanding the new status of culture through comparative research of the theoretical assumptions of postmodernity. How and why culture appears as a new ideology and not as an autonomous area of expression of the self-purpose of human survival in the sense of perfecting humanity through art, religion, science and play is the subject of the most significant theoretical reflections on the phenomenon of globalization, regardless of epistemological starting points, scientific paradigms and worldviews. orientation.
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