Anđeo Povijesti Paić

Angel of history and Messiah of events

Art - politics - technique in the work of Walter Benjamin
In the book THE ANGEL OF HISTORY AND THE MESSIAH OF EVENTS: ART-POLITICS-TECHNIQUE IN THE WORK OF WALTER BENJAMIN, the author deals with a systematic interpretation of opinions that represent one of the most significant contributions of modern times. The approach to Benjamin develops immanently from the insight that all his concepts, figures and thought constellations announce the age of the technosphere as the age of pictorial constructions, the disappearance of the aura of the work of art and the messianic politics of freedom and justice. This is not the usual monographically conceived study with the ambition to be just one in a series of books about the turning point philosopher-artist of the 20th century, whose ideas opened new horizons in thinking about art-politics-technique and left a deep mark in the current debates about the legacy of modernity and its paradoxes and aporias. Paić tries to connect the critique of metaphysics in Heidegger with Benjamin's project of articulating a saving event in the very essence of the modern world. What else is left of Benjamin's opinion for the complexity of technogenetically created and visually presented life? Neither melancholy for the lost world of marvelous modernity nor the last blow of "divine violence" from beyond sovereign nation-states. The possibility remains for contemporary thinking as a search for the coming event of the openness of freedom without reduction to society and all its mythical obsessions.
Fakultet za medije i komunikacije
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